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The Flaneur is a French word for the stroller of the 19th century who often walked his pet turtle though the streets of Paris, with no agenda. The internet is a Flaneur spot where people metaphorically stroll and link from site to site along the roadways of the web.

As an inner flaneur, I stroll in my thoughts. I use my thoughts to pen my ideas, my worries, my life story and my travels though this lifetime. I welcome all Flaneurs to stroll by my site and stop awhile or simply move along at whatever pace they feel may comfort them in their journey.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Blog written in 2007.........

Every man builds his world in his own image. He has the power to choose, but no power to escape the necessity of choice.”
Ayn Rand, philosopher

"Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart."
Carl Jung

The idea of living authentically has been ruminating in my mind now for a few days. It is not the first time this idea has come into my consciousness. In fact, this idea has been revisited whenever there is a significant reassessment of my life energies.

Of late, there has been a shift in command where I teach. Every time there is a new leader, one has to wonder what that means as far as “perceived” job security. I say perceived as we all know every job is a temporary one. There are no guarantees in life. We can be replaced, downsized, demoted or phased out at any position. I do not look at this negatively, it can and has happened to many workers who have worked at a job for years! We can never be complacent in life or relationships. The only constant is change, this is not always bad.

Usually, it takes a major shakeup to move us to action. Many people remain mired in horrific situations because they live in fear. For me, it tells me it is time to move on. This new leader felt I had too much going on and could not “handle” teaching so many classes. Isn’t it intriguing how someone else’s perceptions can be so incorrect? The unnecessary judgment of others is one thing I find intolerable. The irony is the statement comes from someone more over-booked. Her issue, not mine.

I can see the mirrored reflection of someone who cannot handle her own life, and is foisting her inability to cope on me! I really am not angry though, despite my comments here. I was disappointed in the situation for a time, but then I realized it was a gift from spirit to shake me up and facilitate my decision. There is no remorse or concern. Now I am free to enjoy my last semester where I am, and move on to the next phase of my journey. Perhaps I would have remained here otherwise and would have missed out on a grand adventure!

That being said, I know it is time for a change and I need to start once again living authentically. I know in my heart I am being led out towards my next adventure, much like my hero Don Quixote! Living authentically, soulfully…doing what destiny intends me to do.

Expressing one’s true nature by living authentically is how I wish to live in the world. By honoring my spirit I allow my Light to shine and live my Truth. If I open myself to allowing the Divine Spirit to lead me and utilize the wisdom I have earned I can joyfully create and live my purpose. There is a sense of excitement in the preparation for such a task. I have felt it before and it is empowering. I know I can manifest my destiny and allow myself to be led to where I need to be for the next stage of my growth.

“Living authentically is not always easy. It can be hard work, but the rewards are worth the effort. It requires the courage to ask yourself the hard questions and be completely honest with yourself about what is truly important to you in life and how you can live your Highest Good. It's following your heart's wisdom, living your Truth, and being real in every sense. When you are living an authentic life, you are contributing your soulful nature and gifts to the world and, thus, creating a better, more authentic and soulful life experience for us all”.

Ten tips for living authentically
1. Know your purpose
2. Know your values
3. Know your needs
4. Know your passions
5. Live from the inside out
6. Honor your strengths
7. Take time to play
8. Be aware of your self talk
9. Surround yourself with inspiration
10. Serve others

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