What is an Inner Flaneur ?

The Flaneur is a French word for the stroller of the 19th century who often walked his pet turtle though the streets of Paris, with no agenda. The internet is a Flaneur spot where people metaphorically stroll and link from site to site along the roadways of the web.

As an inner flaneur, I stroll in my thoughts. I use my thoughts to pen my ideas, my worries, my life story and my travels though this lifetime. I welcome all Flaneurs to stroll by my site and stop awhile or simply move along at whatever pace they feel may comfort them in their journey.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

February 14, 2010

Valentines day may just be another one of those Hallmark holidays people feel compelled to celebrate...but I like it! I like the idea there is at least one day set aside to concentrate on the people you love. With everyone rushing hither and yon, it is important to think about love once in awhile. Sure, it is probably something we need to focus on everyday, but would people do it?Probably not.

I am reminded that there will always be people who will question everything. And questioning things is great, although I am tired of constant skeptics. You know the people.... they always say: well...I don't know about THAT! to every new idea! Naysayers are the ones that make me tired. I am not looking for "yes" men/women...but how about considering a new idea?

So...here is a new idea. How about people keeping their opinions to themselves, unless they have something productive to add? Constantly finding the problem with something gets to be OLD. And finding fault with what people think all the time makes people run.

Today I am ready to love everyone...just for today....I am shooting off love arrows! I'll decide tomorrow if I will continue! LOL

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