What is an Inner Flaneur ?

The Flaneur is a French word for the stroller of the 19th century who often walked his pet turtle though the streets of Paris, with no agenda. The internet is a Flaneur spot where people metaphorically stroll and link from site to site along the roadways of the web.

As an inner flaneur, I stroll in my thoughts. I use my thoughts to pen my ideas, my worries, my life story and my travels though this lifetime. I welcome all Flaneurs to stroll by my site and stop awhile or simply move along at whatever pace they feel may comfort them in their journey.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Wishing I was There.

My son Alexander is making his debut in a speaking part in his first community theater play this week. I am so excited for him. As he grew, he was one of the funniest people I ever met. His wit and sense of humor is much like others in my family, but his is more special. He is my son!

Alex had a hard time finding his sweet spot and decided to study International Affairs in College. After graduating, he spent a full six months going around the world, and then traversing Europe. By this time, the program he was on had collapsed due to lack of funding and he was betwixt and between his options. He signed onto a gig with Americorp making enough money to "get by" and eventually will be able to pay down his student loans with some of the stipend.

He decided last summer to join an Improv group, and he loved it. And then this led him to seeking roles in theater and getting a nonspeaking part in Rosencrantz and Guilderstern are Dead last fall. He was hooked.

I wish I could see his performance, but due to him living in Boston, and myself in Seattle, I cannot attend this week. My heart is with him though, as I admonish him to "break a leg" and enjoy the experience. He keeps revealing new sides to himself every single day.

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