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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

"Tea Party" Politics

Ok, so I wonder where everyone was in the Bush years when he drove the economy into the ground and started two wars? Now these WASPS want to "Take back " America. People who refuse to embrace change will always live in mediocrity. If you scan the audience at these Tea party events you see more White people than anything else. They are middle aged, usually evangelicals and not well educated. Polling them you find they do not want immigration, and are against any kind of government spending, yet they all happily pick up their IRS rebate checks with stimulus monies included. Should't they refuse the money so they can live true to their principals?

It is sad for me to see everyone blaming Barack Obama for all the ills of America. He is not responsible for them, he inherited them. He is doing all he can to try to reverse them. I think this is more about inner prejudice than it is about anything else. There is a propensity for people to say one thing and think another. I believe that the peoplewho want to take back our country would come from the same ancestors who sent the Native Americans on the Trail of Tears, and advocated for slavery. There is an inner belief that because they are: white, Christian etc. that they are better than everyone else. This MUST stop!

I find it hard to believe that anyone would advocate for Sarah Palin. Her "book" tour was a joke. Her "folksy" way of talking and acting is what attracts most of these people to her. They fear intelligent people and think someone who is "just like them" would be a great leader. Give me a break. Even McCains people reported that she is a fool, and that they had to spend time cleaning up after her ridiculous speeches.

While I think everyone needs to stand up for what they believe in, and are always entitled to their opinions, it would be nice for others to really really consider their position carefully. To follow someone who clearly is not intelligent enough to put her words together in a speech...(remember Bush?...good example) is a travesty to America. We already had to "dumb down" questions for "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" because Americans were clueless about things.

Listen and learn, before it is too late. Change is constant. Going back to "founding fathers" would having them rolling in their graves. They were Enlightened men, so much so they would not be given to stalling change. I donot think they felt the documents of the country were engraved on tablets, like the Ten commandments were.

Sarah Palin et al remind me of McCarthy. Pointing a finger, but having four fingers pointing back at them.

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